Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Josh Duggar and the Family Research Council

Josh Duggar's recent employment by the Family research Council has caused quite a stir. He and the family are planning to move to Washington D.C. GLAAD, an activist group for gay rights, is calling for a boycott of the show as a result. FRC is labeled a hate group because of the views they hold on certain issues. let's take a look at who the Family Research Council is.

The FRC is an American conservative group founded by James Dobson who lobby against gay marriage , gay adoption, divorce, pornography, and all adult products. Since being founded 1983, it main goal is to promote conservative Christian values and make them the standard.

Some of the values they espouse are abstinence only education, defunding of family planning services, filtration of public Internet, right to discriminate based on sexuality, prayer in schools, defunding stem cell research, and vouchers for private schools.

They have been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their stances on gay marriage. Is it really right to label them a hate group? A gunman walked in their Washington D.C. headquarters and shot a guard in the arm. The gunman was a former LGBT activist.

I don't agree with the FRC views just as much as the Duggars, but hate obviously doesn't apply one way. And to attack Josh for a career decision and calling for the boycott of the show is overstepping it a bit.

Why is it OK to boycott something Christian, but not the other way around? What if Josh had joined an anti-Muslim group? Would it be the same reaction? I honestly can’t support either side here.

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