Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Duggars do Burgers

When the Duggars were in New York for the Today Show,they stopped by Bill's Bar and Burgers in New York City.Thye chowed down on burgers,f ries milk shakes, and onion rings. Guess what teh total bill was? $614. Milk Shakes cost a whopping $6 and the burgers cost $7.95, fries $4,and sodas $2. That total averages $25-$30 per person

SOme of the kids were eligible for the kid's menu or else the bill would be much higher. I suppose TLC chipped in here. Is it me or does Bill's Bar and Burgers sound like a place the DUggars would go?

The clan also dropped by on the Dr.Oz show this passed week to tell us how they operate daily and save on expenses(Again,we are sure TLC income helps) They gave recipes for wet baby wipes, laundry soap, pickles, and popcorn and other healthy secrets. The Dr.Oz show is broadcast in  118 countries and on its 4th season. Dr. Mehmet Oz has authored 400 books and helped co-write best sellers which inlcude "You : The owner's Manual" and served as a professional health advisor for Oprah Winfrey. You can get the recipes from duggarfamily.com.

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