Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Josh Duggar Disses on Welfare

Defenders of the Duggars always bring up how they are not on welfare. Josh Duggar recenly made a lame remark about it on Instagram: " Keep working, millions on welfare depend on you". I am not surprised at this remark considering their Fundmantalist belief that all government assistance is wrong.

it is to be avoided no matter what the circumstance. Welfare often conjures up images of 'welfare queens' popping out babies driving fancy cars. If only Josh Duggar and others would take time to learn some facts that have been distorted.

1. Welfare is not just in the form of cash payments. It also comes in the form of bail outs, tax credits, and medicaid.

2. Welfare fraud is 2% of recipients. Peopel can take advantage of anything whether charity, tax loopholes, or government help. A 2% fraud rate is hardly a reason to get rid of it.

3. Government assistance programs arent'designed to make you rich. A family of three can only collect $400 per month. Even adding food stamp benefits, the total will be < $600.Another child adds just $83.

4. Stats show 90% of those on assistance are off of it in around 6 months.

5. TANF , Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, only lasts five years plus recipients must fulfill work requirements. This means showing proof of job search. So much for being lazy huh?

The whole 'welfare is evil' just bothers me. How does it make you a bad person or make those not on it better?  The main bread winner in a household with a dozen kids can get sick or disabled. There are those who have to leave abusive situations and need short-term help. The Duggars themselves admitted to getting help from their church.They also used to declare their house a church. How is this different than being on government assistance?  The "they aren't on welfare argument' is a red herring argument. The Duggars always seem to get help when they need it. Not everyone is in their position. It is all too easy to judge. By the way, the 'welfare queen' driving the cadillac has yet to be found.

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