Monday, October 8, 2012

United Bates of America Canceled

"The Uniited Bates of America" has been canceled according to several sources. No reason was given for the cancelation. Frankly, I am not surprised. It is basically lather, rinse, and repeat. I never thought the show would last past two seasons. Ratings were the likely reason. The United Bates of America had below 800K viewers, You wonder what TLC was thinking. The Bates and Duggars follow the same beliefs. Some say they like the Bateses better but the Duggars were likeable,too, at the start. Maybe ther was not enough new material. The Bateses do seem more grounded than the Duggars but so were the DUggars until they took trips around the world. I am sure the money hlped the Bateses out at least for a short time.Their show can be seen on Itunes and You Tube.

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  1. This article is based on opinion, not fact, so not valid. Proofread your work!