Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blanket Training

What is blanket training? Blanket training is supposedly a controversial discipline technique to make babies sit still on a blanket for period of time.
The parent lays toys outside the blanket and leaves the room briefly and hide. They peek in to see of the baby has crawled off the blanket.If the baby has crawled off the blanket, the parent taps around the edge of t blanket with a spoon and then maybe swat the infant on the legs.The purpose is to teach self-control and boundaries.

In the first bonk, Michelle refers to it as a playpen in a purse. She wondered how to keep the smaller kids still while the big ones did their school work.
Someone told them about blanket time when Jedidiah and Jeremiah were born. They were into everything and Michelle got the tip from another mom.It works for them
at church or social gatherings. They tell the kids it's sit-down time. The time increases with each session. Before you know, they are sitting on their blanket for
at least thirty minutes. Michelle never reveals the type of correction they use. I wonder how does a baby understand boundaries. This can be bad developmentally even with no hitting. It is awful tempting the child that way. There are better means of discipline.

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