Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zach Bates Is Courting

Yes it's official. The Bates website has announced Zach is courting Sara Rieth. Sara played a mean fiddle on the Bates remodel episode with her other three siblings. The Rieths are a musical family by the looks of their website. He drove all the way to Missouri and asked her to court him.
If you don't know how Christian courtship works here is how. When a boy meets a girl he is interested in, the boy prays if she is the one. He meets with the father several timed before asking the girl to court him. The girl usually has no clue of this but can turn him down. The couple is then officially engaged to marry in a few weeks. They do not date or spend time alone.
I wonder if one of the Duggar girls wishes it was them. Everyone seems to be rooting for a Bates-Duggar wedding. I think some were disappointed Josh didn't court a Bates and now the two oldest are taken. We still could see a Duggar Bates union since 16 Bates and 18 Duggars are left. The Duggars being on TV may deter some mates who don't want to be in the spotlight. The guys seem to be finding theirs out of state. That's an awful lot of travel. When you study about it the kids have slim pickens for mates in their circles. But who knows? One of the Duggar girls may be next.
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