Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cousin Amy: Duggar Unlikely

Amy Duggar

“Instant Likeability”, is what you will  feel if you ever meet Amy Duggar. Her name is really Amy Jordyn but I guess she stays with Duggar because of the show.  She has a Facebook page but it I private now because of the gun photo incident. Some like her and some don’t. Many wonder why she is on the show. Amy just doesn’t blend with other family members. She wears pants, dates, and listens to rock music. I can’t understand why some can’t stand her. Amy adds a little excitement to the show. She climbs on the bus in her jeans with her Ipod full of ’sinful’ music on like no one’s business. She almost got Josh mad at his wedding because she spray painted his car.. I thought Josh lighten up a bit. Amy tried to get some conversation started in Silver City between the boys and girls. She mentioned trying to ‘get the Duggar females in pants for years.” One of the boys commented ‘She wasn’t raised like us but we like her anyway.”

 Occasionally, the Duggar kids look like ‘Oh Amy’s here.”. I know Jim Bob felt like strangling her when she said” I think you did more than kiss before your wedding.” Here is a post supposedly from Amy back in 2005.
This is Amy from springdale Arkansas! THAT IS MY AUNT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! half the people writing comments on this web-site needs keep there comments to themselves, because they do not know her personally they are a wonderful family!Michelle is the most caring person I have ever met. I have never seen her raise her voice to any of her children. I have been out to eat with them and it is amazing to me that they can all go out to eat at a restraunt and act more appropriate then i do seeing a family with 2 or 4 kids, they will be throwing a fit, crying, yelling at their parents. However Jimbob and Michelle are quite a couple most parents get upset and lose their temper right infront of the children. However my family has grown up with christian beliefs and one thing a few rules we beleive is that you always forgive and apologize and you treat each others with repsect. That is something that Americans have forgotten to do. Another point is that my cousins dont have a lot of technology to keep them busy. I have seen 7 year olds with Ipods and new video games, kids have lost the idea to just be a kid.In the Duggar family, FAMILY comes first! and because both parents are devoted to each one of them equally they have managed such a peaceful household. I can honestly tell you Michelle is 100% happy and wouldnt want it any other way!You would think after having 16 kids you'd be worn out but my aunt is absolutely beautiful on the inside as well as the out.Jimbob and mIchelle are getting so much media attention simply because everyone is astonished by how they live. The family does not believe in debt, and for the way they have chosen to raise thier family God has blessed them! Michelle is such a role model in my life. Hopefully i'll be half the mom that she is now! ALL OF YOU OUT THERE... YOU HAVE NO IDEA.. WHO YOU ARE GOSSIPING ABOUT... My Aunt Michelle is absolutely amazing!!!

If that is really from Amy, maybe she has seen more of the world now since then. One episode, she mentions about  how she would like to see individual dress. She has different views on dating as shown on “Duggar Double Date”. I think she is campground to make the Duggars look normal and accepting of other beliefs. I think TLC writes in on purpose.Some say she is using the show to promote herself but is no more a camera hog than the others. Maybe she is there to help. I'm sure extra help on trips is welcome with all the kids. Amy is kinda like the Paris Hilton of Springdale with the little dog. I think the kids like her but don't know how to deal with her different tastes.  I dont think an Ipod of heavy metal and country music is gonna corrupt them. Anyway,  she is a pleasure to watch and shows you can still be Christian without all the strict rules.


  1. In one of the episodes it was implied by Amy's mother deanna that her daughter was born out of wedlock. Maybe that was why Amy took her mother's name initially. Later aunt deanna married Gary Jordan but Im not sure whether he's Amy's biological father.

    Maybe uncle Gary is her father after all because in the skydiving episode with the Bates, aunt deanna lamented Amy's forthright ways, stating "Amy gets her craziness from her father", while looking at uncle Gary.

    In the episode of Michelle's birthday, deanna thanked her sister-in-law for "accepting Amy" , as if to suggest that her daughter's origins were not quite in line with Jim job's and Michelle's norms.

    1. My understanding as well that Amy was born OWL. And her biological father is TERRY Jordyn (other sources hsve spelled it JORDAN); not Gary. Again, perhap MY sources had the name wrong. But the man who Deanna eventually married IS Amy's biological father.

  2. It would be out of character if the Duggars shunned Deanna. I read on another forum the Kellers shunned Daniel. now Susanna is not living at home and sh is wearing pants and listening to country music. She was sent o live with Josh and Anna because she was becoming to 'worldly'. I never thought the Keller would be that way.

    1. Well the Duggars have nothing to do with Michelle's lesbian sister. She has been shunned by them because they are of the (uneducated & opinionated) believe that one CHOOSES to be homosexual. And they believe it's a sin.

  3. Well, I definitely differ with the Duggars on Bible interpretation, but I respect their love for their kids, even if it may be with good intentions, constricting at times, as it is with the Amish.

    I am far more liberal by some people's opinions, and ultra right wing by others. Go figure. But I say this. The Duggars try very hard, to the best of their ability to live the way they belief God wants them to. They tray to be good and live right.

    For the life of me, I can not see anything wrong with that, even if it is anomalous to many. Many people do not even try to be good or live right. They might be the ones who should have the least to say, since they do not have the courage to try to live up to anything good.

    It is never easy to do what is right. Mistakes can be made and we all fail, at least in small ways, from time to time. While some judgment may be appropriate, I think harsh criticism might be suspect. Let he who is sinless cast the first stone. and trust me, on my site, I cast plenty of stones at mainstream Christianity, while promoting my own views.