Saturday, January 8, 2011

Babies to Marriages:Duggars in 2011

We are several days into the New Year.a new year is exciting because you never know what it may bring.  A new season of "19 Kids and Counting will start soon. I wonder what 2011 will bring for the Duggar clan. There was some discussion over this in the Discovery forum. Some are even predicting Duggar number 20 but Michelle is currently not pregnant. Still it is only January so who knows what will happen?  Personally, I would like to see Jim Bob and Michelle be more doting grandparents and concentrate on the kids they already have. Mackenzy is the first grandchild and usually that is exciting for the grandparents and she soon will be joined by another sibling. I really am not fond of birthdays birthday parties especially kids.that may have been done for the show's benefit. Instead of having to film two episodes only one had to be filmed.Jimbob seems more involved with the little kids than Michelle and there is so much we dont see.

When is the next Duggar wedding? Will there be a courtship or marriage in 2011? This is a burning question in our minds. Josh has been the only one who married so far and that was over two years ago. Given the Duggar's beleifs I am too surprise none of the other older kids have even hinted. There was speculation Jana was holding back an engagement announcement during the ordeal with Josie. Something seemed to be bothering her and many assumed it was a  possible courtship.Several families have possible matches for the Duggars. The Bates are favored for a potential courtship down the road. I know in the 'Bates Visit Josie' episode , Gil mentioned boy-girl feelings may happen.I believe Jana will be the first to marry because JD is rather quiet. He and Erin Bates were making eye contact in one episode. I think they are too young to be married anyway. I would prefer them to explore the world before settling down in a marriage but given the Duggar's beliefs I am too surprise none of the other older kids have even hinted. I guess we'll have to wait until the new season starts.

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