Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Portrait of John David Duggar

Why John David Duggar? Each generation has their heart throbs. reality tv gives a while new gene of heartthrobs. John David seems like the guy every mother dreams her daughter will marry.
He is polite, well-spoken and doesn't run the streets, a 360 turn from typical celebs. You will perhaps never see him on the cover of "Tiger Beat". John David most likely does not read Facebook.  If so, he would find he has a bunch of admirers.One girl claimed she was courting him but it turned out bogus. This often happens in Hollywood but on a much more dangerous scale. A person actually believes they have a personal relationship with the star and stalk them. I hope John David never goes through that or no celeb for that matter..

Some say he appears to have Apserger's syndrome but I don't think so.  Asperger's is a variant of autism. It is because he is quiet and isn't a camera hog like certain other family members. John David recently ran for alderman in his hometown but lost. This young man seems to have much going for him. He has a reality show, is a volunteer EMT, and operates a tow truck. He played man of the house during the ordeal with Josie.
  There is a series of hilarious letters written to John David on one blog. This is part of an  "Open Letter to John David Duggar Part I";read the rest here Southern Soap Opera. 
My co-workers and I have been pumped for this wedding for months, John-David. Months. That "Fix-It and Forget It" cookbook your new sister-in-law Anna received from anonymous fans in Alabama? Yeah. That was us.

I do have a couple of things I would like to say to you, though John-David. Maybe some tips we could give you to avoid potential awkwardness that your brother went through.

*Ask your Daddy Jim Bob to give you the Ed Wheat instructional book and DVD before the day of the rehearsal. I am sure Josh had to worry about where to put that stuff so that the little kids who were running wild around the church didn't find it and start exploring.

*Go easy on Cousin Amy. Josh obviously was about to violate one of the Ten Commandments with her at the wedding. (Thou shalt not kill.) And that would have been bad seeing as how he'd been trying so hard to stay so pure. (By the way, let's talk about this for a moment. I know he was trying to stay pure and whole and all that jazz for the wedding night. That's awesome. Way to go. But he sure was talking about "the wedding night" an awful lot. I don't think Josh-ua's mind was in a completely pure place, if you get my drift.)

Michelle said in a recent interview nobody is courting right now so John David is up for grabs. Anyone who thinks John David is good catch has to remember he was raised under the rigid patriarchal lifestyle. I wonder if he will be as authoritative as some of them. Discovery channel lists his favorite past times as broom ball and his future goal is a contractor. I don't know of many young adults listing their favorite past times as broom ball.or likes traveling everywhere with his umpteen siblings. John David is still young so he has  time to achieve his goals. I always heard to beware of the shy quite types.

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  1. :) I just realize you posted this. Thanks for the mention. Gotta love some Duggars!