Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make Your Own Diaper Wipes

How to Make Your Own Diaper Wipes
The Duggars have a recipe for diaper wipes but there are many easier variations. Purchasing diaper wipes can get expensive, even if you dont have 19 kids, particularly when you see how quick you run through a box that costs you $3.00. There is an alternate, however, if you are willing to take the time. Creating your own baby wipes is very easy and there are several options you have when making your own. Listed below are two easy, yet different methods of making your own baby wipes for a fraction of the price of the store-bought ones.

Paper Towel Wipes

Using a roll of paper towels is the first way to make your own baby wipes. Each roll of paper towels can make two boxes of baby wipes. Purchase yourself a nice roll of paper towels; the inexpensive abrasive kind are not ideal for creating baby wipes.

Cut the roll of paper towels in half, and then get rid of the cardboard lining. There are two ways you can make the baby wipes. You can leave the roll intact and rip off the wipes as you use them, or you can remove them off the roll and fold them up similar to store-bought wipes. Either way is fine and it is just a matter of preference as to which method you use.

In an airtight container lay the following ingredients:

* 2 cups of water that has been boiled and cooled off
* 2 tablespoons of baby wash – any kind will do as long as it does not annoy your baby’s skin
* 1 tablespoon of baby oil – for soothing and protective barrier purposes

Mix all of the ingredients. Place the roll of paper towels in the airtight container and permit the paper towels to soak up the mixture. Once the concoction has been soaked up, turn the container upside down and allow the container to sit for around 20 minutes. Your wipes are then set for use.

Fabric Wipes

The second method of making your own baby wipes involves sewing them out of fabric, typically cotton, unless allergies are a concern. Terry cloth, flannel and fleece are additional soft options that come in many prints as well as white.

To sew your wipes, simply cut the material to size and stitch the borders to prevent fraying. It is helpful to sew more than one layer together for a wipe that handles the dirtiest of diapers. No-sew wipes can be made too - just cut the edges with pinking shears to prevent excess fraying. Simply spray the wipes with a cleaning solvent safe for babies and wipe away.

Diaper wipes are easy to make at home if you know how to. You will be able to use either store-bought paper towels for an inexpensive selection or hand-sew soft fabrics together for reusable wipes. Either way you will find that you are saving a significant sum of money, especially since you will be using the wipes as long as your youngster is in diapers.

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