Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gender Roles

The way Duggars divide up jurisdictions by gender sparks much controversy. You may have heard one of your older relatives speak of certain things were men's work and certain things women's work. We have come along way since then. There are male nurses and chefs. there are female mechanics and construction workers. Fundamentalist/ Quiverfull tend to emphasize gender roles as their 'God ordained' role. Women are trained to be mothers and 'keepers at home'. They are more likely to be in charge of the cooking and child care. Men are trained to be leaders and providers. The men in this movement don’t usually marry until they can support a wife and kids on one income.

If you watch classic TV, gender roles are obvious. On "I Love Lucy", Lucy was always trying to be in Ricky's shows. Ricky wanted her to be a homemaker. This was a common theme until about the 1970’s.Most had nothing to do with religion but how society was. When even mainstream religions see no harm in gender roles.  Under extreme beleifs systems, The roles are strictly enforced. Add Christian patriarchy and it is stepped up a notch or two. One episode had the boys and girls switch jurisdictions. the tried thier hand at cooking which didn't go to well and the girls attempted mechanics.I wonder why the older boys didn't help cook.

It was mentioned that the boys ween' expected to clean their bathrooms . They had to take down the Christmas decorations after coming back from Little Rock once. Why didn't John David and Josiah take them down earlier? It just disturbs me to hear child care isn't Jim Bob's jurisdiction. If you brought kids in the world ,BOTH parents are responsible for the care.Boys shouldn't grow up to think women are subservient to them . In my house, we never think as tasks specified for one gender. I can't see cooking as just woman's work, it just sounds old fashioned in the 21st century.

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