Friday, August 27, 2010

Buy Used and Save the DIfference

Buy Used and Save the Difference

The Duggar family motto is buy used and save the difference. On the show you see them going to Aldi's and thrift stores. I guess when you have so many kids used makes sense. Even two or three member household have to be frugal in today's outgrow clothes and toys fast. Who isn't hunting bargains these days? Buy used and save the difference is hard to live by. It is tempting to buy the latest fashions, Cd's or appliances.

The Duggars have been called hypocritical on a few occasions. Michelle bought brand new layettes for Jordyn because she thought it would be her last baby. Josh and Anna bought Joy anna a brand new purse for her birthday. We are also seeing somename- brand clothing pop up. One of the boys got a new bicycle for this birthday. Michelle got  anew dress for ther 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, they break over and relax the rules sometimes( and it pays to have show on TV).

The Duggars claim to never buy much new stuff. They never drive new vehicles or buy name-brand food.Michele talks about in an older interview the kid's play-do dried up. They went to yard sell and found cans for 5 cents. The bus was bought for $2100 from a hockey team. Actually I wonder if the Duggars are wise everything buying used. Their old bus cost $500 to fill up with gas. After 4 trips,it would be almost the cost of the bus and this isn't including repairs. I guess public transportation is out of the question with
so many kids. 

'Buy used and save the difference' can only be taken so far. I read an article on things never to buy used.There are some things not worth buying used. YOu never know where the items came from at thrift stores. I couldn't take a chance on new shoes not knowing where they came from. The Duggars are known to buy used shoes.  Old shoes can hurt your feet and cause warts not to mention little creepy things. I would rather spend a few extra dollars on new shoes.

Payless and Walmart carry low price shoes.The same goes for old mattresses and bedding. You never know you may be getting a hold of molds, body fluids, and other nasty stuff. Im not saying second-hand is bad. It is best knowing the source it came from and shop around before you buy.

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