Friday, July 30, 2010

Sin in the Camp and other Duggar Myths

Sin in the Camp and other Duggar Myths

Reality TV celebrities like the Duggars aren't immune to rumors and myths. Many of them turn out to be just myths. Unfortunately, it is just part of being  a celeb.There a a few common ones concerning the Duggars.

Sin in the camp.

Sin in the camp is the most popular story in circulation with many variations. Type in Duggar sin in the camp on a major search engine and you see what I mean. Here is how the story supposedly goes.When Jim Bob ran for Senate and lost, he looked at Josh citing 'sin and the camp' as the reason. Why would he say it was because of 'sin in the camp for no reason? Everyone has their own version of why Josh had a shaved head in "14 kids and pregnant Again". Some speculations range from he touched a sleeping girl to porn. Josh was betrothed to a Holt girl but sin in the camp caused the breakup.  An unconfirmed rumor says the families had a disagreement over support of a candidate."i guess
we'll never know the real reason.

Oprah Canceled a Duggar segment because ...

Oprah was to air a segment on the Duggars but suddenly it got scraped. Of course, rumors started to fly. One rumor says she pulled the segment because of child molesting charges against Josh.None of this was ever confirmed. those are serious charges.Another rumor says the Duggars turned down a full college scholarhsip for the girls. This didn't go ever well with Oprah. Again, these are unconfirmed. their segment could be canceled for any number of reasons. It is not unusual for shows to pull something at the last minute.

the Duggars pay zero property taxes.

It is beleived the DUggars pay no property taxes because they home church. The turth is the pay over
$11,000 in porperty taxes. Most of these are rental properties.

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