Saturday, June 12, 2010

Those Well-Behaved Duggar Kids

Those Well Behaved Duggar Kids

Fans brag about how well-behaved the Duggar kids are considering the number of kids. This observation comes from the fans and not the family. You never hear them arguing with, see them disobeying or crossing their parents. They seemingly behave better than the standard family of two kids. Jim Bob and Michelle never raise their voices to correct on the rare occasion the kids need it. Parents all over ask how do they manage this with so many kids. If you watch the 'discipline outtakes' on TLC, Michelle uses what appears to be kind and gentle techniques. Critics feel they hide some of the harsher discipline techniques given their Fundamentalists backgorund.  Are we being shown everything?
Here is an excerpt from The Arkansas Gazette:
The Duggars consider the Bible something of an owner's manual, a how-to for life. They sometimes employ "time outs" to discipline their children, but they also think the Bible teaches parents to spank and even instructs on how to do it. The children and Michelle recite a new Bible passage each morning, and they have actions to go with the words. For instance, when reciting Exodus 20, verses 1-17, the children run a finger along their necks in a quick swipe, as if killing themselves, as they read the passage, "Thou shall not kill."
Particular emphasis is stressed on "Spare the rod spoil the child" and "Train up a child in the way he should go." Those who grew up especially in the Southern  states are probably familiar with these.Their website gives links to resources and books that endorse corporal punishment but other pages have been removed. The Duggars took down the page on Blanket training because it disturbed viewers. Blanket training is a technique where the baby is placed on a blanket with toys just outside the blanket. If the baby is caught reaching for toys he or she is hit with an object. They make a reference to the  S.M. Davis and how he helped their family: The Duggars no longer mention the controversial Michael and Debi Pearl who came under fire  for their almost abusive techniques. I'm not saying the Duggars use them or anything but hey do make reference. You will just have to research for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

If you watch the show regularly, you may notice discipline slipping. The kids are a bit more active than in the early specials. There could be a few reasons for this. One, the situation with Josie requires the parents gone most of the time so maybe it's way they vent frustrations. Two, cameras are on them. The younger kids are more aware of the camera since they are older and show out  a bit which is normal.  Three, the producers read comments on message boards and just trying to show some reality and appease the audience. It is good to see kids being kids though  I wouldn't condone sliding down stairs or roller skating in the house. Yes over all the Duggar kids behave better than most but they do act out. Corrections are handled well. It is unrealistic to think this many behave all the time. We have to remember this is TV and anything can be edited.

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